Friday, June 30, 2017

June Things

June is over. Here are things I have enjoyed in June.

These sandals. I got them from Target last fall on clearance because I needed gold shoes for a wedding I was in. I've been wearing them pretty non stop so far this summer. I wear cheap Old Navy flip flops pretty exclusively in the summer but these are just as light and comfortable while looking a little nicer.

Klarbrunn sparkling water. We got a huge pack of this in lemon and lime at Costco for super cheap and it's delightful. It only comes in lemon and lime that I could find, but it's good.

Convicted podcast. Sometimes when I'm driving by myself I like listening to things where people are talking, like a morning show or the stand-up comedy station or a podcast, rather than music. I started listening to this podcast while driving Jackson to appointments, and I'm hooked. It's about a man who is in prison for the murder of his daughter in the early 90's. The host is working closely with a lawyer and digging into his case.

Iced chai lattes. Teachers get a lot of Starbucks gift cards. I use mine on iced chai lattes.

Halo sleepsack swaddle. We got a fleece one from the hospital when Jackson was born and when it started to get too hot for it we bought a cotton one. Best baby product ever.

Twitter. I started a twitter account years ago and never really got into using it. I don't write a lot of tweets, but it's an enjoyable mindless thing to flip through when I can't sleep at night and there's nothing new on Instagram.

So there are some June favorites. Anything you liked or tried in June you want to share?

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Adventures in Parenting: Blowouts

This post is not for the faint of heart. This week has been one for the books in regards to diapers.

Sunday we met friends for brunch at a nice restaurant. Jackson was dressed in my favorite outfit; a blue striped polo shirt onesie and khaki pants. We had been sitting down for less than ten minutes and were enjoying our coffee when Jackson started to get fussy. The second I picked him up from his seat everyone at the table joined in a collective gasp. I was met with a resounding "NO! Don't!" as I was about to pull him close to me and put him on my lap. Then I saw the large spot on the backside of his pants.

As I scooped up the diaper bag and plotted my route to the bathroom, I started to sweat. Not only was I about to face a gnarly diaper situation, but I was now the lady with the screaming kid trying not to hit people with the diaper bag (or the poopy baby) as I squeezed between tables. The bathroom was, thankfully, a one person bathroom but was unfortunately located near the front counter and next to several tables so everyone could hear my boy continue to voice his discomfort about this situation.

I threw the changing pad from our diaper bag down onto the changing table and gathered my supplies. As soon as I started to remove the soiled khakis the diaper sludge started to leak onto the changing pad. The cloth changing pad. WHY oh WHY is a diaper changing pad not made of a wipe-able material? As I mentioned before, the blue polo onesie was my favorite. What I did not mention was that it was incredibly hard to put on and take off. I yanked and tugged as Jackson continued to yell and make it as difficult as humanly possible for me to free him from his onesie prison. Several wipes and a few tears later I managed to get the boy clean and wrangle him into a new clean outfit. I stuffed the dirty clothes into a disposable bag (double bagged because, gross...), hoping against hope that they would be able to be salvaged. I emerged from the bathroom victorious with a calm, clean, content child and my head held high. Only to find that everyone else was just about finished with their meal as mine sat at my spot cold and uneaten.

The pants survived the day, but we sadly made the decision to let the polo go.

Fast forward to the next day.

I was upstairs putting away laundry and enjoying a knitting podcast. Jackson was sitting happily in his bouncy seat, smiling, chatting away, and loving life. When he started to quiet down and the clock struck nap time, I laid the swaddle out on our bed and went to retrieve him from the confines of the bouncer. When I lifted him up my heart sank as I realized that he had filled not only his diaper, but also the soft white cloth of the bouncy seat...with poop.

I held him out an arm length away and rushed him to his room down the hall. Thankfully I checked for a diaper before I got the changing table involved, because there were none in the room. We keep the pack and play set up downstairs with the changing table attachment on and a stack of diapers nearby. Much like the day before, I set him down and gathered my supplies. The damage to the clothes didn't look bad and I was hopeful. As any mom of boys knows, the window of time that your baby boy should be without the cover of a diaper is very small. The moment that I opened the diaper he started to pee. I scrambled to get both Jackson and the changing table cleaned up and get the new diaper on him before the chaos spread further. After a quick wipe bath and a cuddle, I wrapped him up. He was asleep before we had even gotten up to his crib, leaving me to clean up the quite literal sh*t storm he had left behind.

After the cleanup, I couldn't resist going to peek at him while he was napping. I don't understand how such a tiny person could create such a scene, but looking at this sweet little face reminds me that I will willingly clean up any pooptastrophe that comes along with it.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Date Night

There is a very sweet, kind, wonderful couple at our church that we have gotten to be good friends with since we moved here. Their kids are our age and they had their first grandchild the week before Jackson was born. Last week we got a text from them with a list of dates saying that they were free any of those nights and that they would love to watch Jackson for the evening while we went out. We took them up on their offer and decided to go to dinner and to see a show.

It was Friday night so we decided to go for a fish fry, as you do when you live in Wisconsin. We slurped down a spicy, delicious, gingery Moscow mule and ate our food in about ten minutes so we could make it to the theater to see the local production of Man of La Mancha.

As is my luck, my seat was directly behind a tall old man who had white hair that stuck out in every direction, similar to Albert Einstein. I enjoyed the first half of the show very much, despite having to crane my neck to see around Albert's hairdo. While browsing the program during intermission, I discovered that Jackson's pediatrician was playing in the pit orchestra. You can bet that's going to come up at our four-month checkup. Also during intermission we saw not one, not two, but three people that we knew who were also there to see the show. When everyone headed back to their seats, Albert and the lady next to him decided to switch spots so that I was now sitting behind a short, little, old lady whose hair was a normal size. The rest of the show was great, and made me wish I had done more theater in school, and even made me want to get involved in community theater. But then I remembered that I'm afraid of people so...

Jackson was sound asleep when we went to pick him up--as he should have been--but I was afraid that all hell was going to break loose when we tried to put him in his car seat. I don't know what kind of magic they pulled on him, but he didn't even flinch. Okay, but what about getting him out of his car seat and into his bed at home? Surely that would be a struggle. No. He stayed asleep. The. Whole. Time. And slept through the rest of the night until almost 6:00 the next morning.

I did not cry dropping him off, I did not spend the whole night checking my phone, and I spent the rest of the weekend singing "The Impossible Dream". All in all, I'd say it was a pretty successful child-free night.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The First Ramble: Travel Tales

Welcome to this new little adventure! After several painstaking hours of tweaking and trying to get this page exactly right, I finally feel like I'm ready to just get going and post something. Go ahead and follow me on Bloglovin'!

Currently my house looks like an episode of Hoarders because we recently got back from a whirlwind week vacation and things have not slowed down since we got back. I'm choosing to ignore the disaster and tell you about our trip.

We went to visit my family for a few days (many of them were meeting Jackson for the first time), celebrated two beautiful weddings, and spent a day/night in Chicago with friends. Here's what I learned on our travels.

Travel at night. We decided to leave from Jackson's orthotist appointment since it is already a little over an hour into our nine hour trip. We didn't officially get on the road until after 4:00 but since a lot of the driving was at night, Jackson slept most of the way. We came back in the day time and it was harder for Jackson to be in the car seat for long stretches during the day.

Just sit in the back. After a couple of incidences where we had to pull over so I could get in the back and either feed or comfort Jackson, I finally decided that it was just best for me to sit in the back right from the start any time we were in the car for a significant amount of time (which was a lot) on this trip.

Bottles are awful and awesome. Jackson has been exclusively formula fed for several weeks now and sometimes trying to plan travel with formula and bottles is so frustrating. But on a long car trip it was so nice to just whip out a bottle and feed him in his car seat without having to take the time to stop and get out for a feeding.

Air BnB. I wasn't familiar with this until we decided to plan our excursion to Chicago. The other family that we were traveling with have a toddler and we decided with our kids it would be easier than trying to get hotel rooms. We ended up staying in a great apartment just a few blocks from the train station. There was plenty of space for all of us to spread out and hang out, and splitting the one apartment three ways was definitely more cost effective than all of us getting our own hotel rooms. I will definitely look into using Air BnB before booking a hotel next time we travel.

Find the free. While we were in Chicago we went to the Lincoln Park zoo (pretty great for a free zoo!), Millennium Park, and Navy Pier. With kids along it wasn't worth it to spend a lot of money on admission to something they weren't old enough to remember or appreciate. We had a great time!

Our car was packed as full as it could be, we were exhausted coming home, and the whole week seemed to fly by, but I overall our first major trip with a baby was a success! (Note: I am okay not taking any more trips any time soon.)