Friday, June 30, 2017

June Things

June is over. Here are things I have enjoyed in June.

These sandals. I got them from Target last fall on clearance because I needed gold shoes for a wedding I was in. I've been wearing them pretty non stop so far this summer. I wear cheap Old Navy flip flops pretty exclusively in the summer but these are just as light and comfortable while looking a little nicer.

Klarbrunn sparkling water. We got a huge pack of this in lemon and lime at Costco for super cheap and it's delightful. It only comes in lemon and lime that I could find, but it's good.

Convicted podcast. Sometimes when I'm driving by myself I like listening to things where people are talking, like a morning show or the stand-up comedy station or a podcast, rather than music. I started listening to this podcast while driving Jackson to appointments, and I'm hooked. It's about a man who is in prison for the murder of his daughter in the early 90's. The host is working closely with a lawyer and digging into his case.

Iced chai lattes. Teachers get a lot of Starbucks gift cards. I use mine on iced chai lattes.

Halo sleepsack swaddle. We got a fleece one from the hospital when Jackson was born and when it started to get too hot for it we bought a cotton one. Best baby product ever.

Twitter. I started a twitter account years ago and never really got into using it. I don't write a lot of tweets, but it's an enjoyable mindless thing to flip through when I can't sleep at night and there's nothing new on Instagram.

So there are some June favorites. Anything you liked or tried in June you want to share?

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  1. I am 100% a sleep sack mom. Both my kids are in ZipadeeZip style ones these days. We got Parker out of his, but he climbs out of his crib now so I suspect he'll be in them until high school now.