Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Some Baby Rambling and Some Pictures

Do you know that according to Wonder Weeks there is a developmental leap that happens around 19 weeks? Also, do you have any coffee?
This boy woke up around 3:30 this morning. He went back to sleep at 5:30. We spent two hours playing "I'm going to pretend I'm asleep in your arms, but then pop my eyes open and roll around in my crib as soon as you put me down". I dragged myself back to bed and turned on an episode of The Office when I couldn't fall asleep and finally drifted off half an hour later or so. My adorable little alarm clock was ready to rock and roll again at 6:30. After a diaper change and a bottle, he was happy as can be and bouncing around in his exersaucer while I held my eyelids open with one hand and clutched a coffee mug with the other.

In other baby news, the pediatrician gave us the go-ahead to start introducing solid foods. We are doing something called Baby Led Weaning, so no baby food or purees or spoon feeding. Just soft, easy-to-grab, finger foods cut to about the size and shape of a french fry. Of course, he is still getting his nutrients from formula so at this point he's just exploring things. We started by keeping him in his high chair at the table with us instead of taking turns eating while the other one took care of the baby. We let him have a spoon and fork on his tray first, then gave him some banana pieces that he could grab. He got the spoon right into his mouth, but isn't quite sure about the banana thing yet. Next up is sweet potatoes.

He's been enjoying sitting up straight. Like in this swing. Or on the couch, modeling the socks I knit for him last Christmas. He likes to sit in the stroller part of the stroller instead of the car seat attached to the top, and sitting up in the high chair instead of leaned back. Rolling over is new. Not from tummy to back yet, but from back to tummy. Then he gets stuck and mad that he can't get back. 

The best thing though, is that he has started laughing. Which means I now spend my time making silly faces and sounds trying to get him to giggle because it's my favorite sound in the world. 

Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Remember a couple of weeks ago I posted three times in a week? I have a bunch of ideas for posts that I was going to write ahead of time and schedule written down in a notebook, but they haven't happened yet. So here's a "currently".

Watching: I tried watching The Keepers but I had to stop because it was too disturbing for me. So guess what--we're watching The Office again.

Listening to: Dear Evan Hansen. I want to see this musical so badly.

I've also found myself listening to podcasts more than music lately. Particularly Anna Faris Is Unqualified. I think Anna Faris is hilarious and a great actress. She has all kinds of different guests and after a few different "getting to know you" segments, they take callers with relationship issues and give them their advice...unqualified, obviously. Some of the episodes can get pretty vulgar but for the most part it's pretty entertaining.

Enjoying: Jackson is starting to roll over. It's awesome and hilarious. I love watching him pull his legs up and just kind of fall to the side before he pushes himself onto his belly. He's still working on getting from his belly to his back.

Excited for: One of my oldest and closest friends is coming to visit this week. I haven't seen her since her wedding last year and I can't wait!!

I'm also excited to get back into my classroom. I have a lot to do but I'm looking forward to being back. I bought a fresh new planner and ordered a bunch of classroom stuff which is always fun. Ask me again in August.

Trying: To wean Jackson off of being swaddled. So far it's going okay (knock on ALL THE WOOD!!!). The sleepsack swaddle thing has been amazing for transitioning.

Surprised by: I did something very unlike me last week. I'm an introvert supreme, and introducing myself or starting any kind of social interaction has never been my thing. Anyway, there's a lady who has started coming to our church that I recognized from two of the childbirth classes that I took at the hospital, so I went up and introduced myself and started a conversation with her. What?? Who am I?! It turns out that her baby was born just a couple of days after Jackson and she was in the room next door to us while we were in the hospital.

I also went to knit night at the yarn shop in town. I packed up one of my projects and walked into their little knitting group and asked if I could join them. I sat with them for an hour or so just knitting and chatting. It was a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to going back again.

Maybe next week. I need to recharge after all of that socializing.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Red, White, and Birthday

Justin's birthday is on the 4th. Apparently he experienced a lot of patriotic parties and gifts when he was young and as an adult, he's kind of over it. If only he didn't have a wife who said -- "LOOK! Someone's setting off fireworks for your birthday!" -- every single year. This year we made plans to go to the Brewer's game on Tuesday with my brother-in-law and a friend of ours.

It started off innocently enough at a barbecue at my in-laws' house on Saturday. My brother-in-law joked "One of us should wear red, one of us wear white, and the other wear blue and see if Justin notices". Then we texted our other friend who was going with us, and he was totally on board. And it all spiraled out of control from there.

When we got to the stadium and started setting up our tailgating stuff, the boys and I brought out flag-themed napkins, plates, cups, can coolers, bubbles, necklaces, a party hat, glow flags, bandanas, and scarves. We listened to patriotic music while we had burgers and then sang happy birthday to Justin so he could blow out his red and blue candles on top of his red, white, and blue brownies. Before the game started we slipped away and made a happy birthday poster to hold up during the game.


Justin was definitely surprised and I'm pretty impressed with all of us for keeping it all a secret from him. Our seats were awesome, the game was great, the Brewers won, and aside from a red-hot sunburn on my legs I don't think the day could have gone better.