Sunday, August 20, 2017

If We Were Having Coffee

If we were having coffee...
We would probably sit around the dining room table because that's where the best breeze is. As I poured I would tell you about how I bought this mug in London when Justin and I went there on a school trip in college, how devastated I was when I dropped and broke it shortly after, and how Justin bought me a new one--exactly the same--seven years later when he went back to England. There would be a drool and banana covered little boy sitting in his high chair mushing a stick-shaped piece of banana in his chubby fist and making high pitched squealing/screaming noises because he has just figured out how. Jethro will cautiously creep into the room and start rubbing his face on your legs and when Jackson sees him he will start kicking and giggling.

I would tell you how nice it was that we were able to go to church Saturday night and have Sunday morning free. Our church has four services--Thursday, Saturday, and two on Sunday morning-- and it's kind of nice to switch it up. Since I'm usually singing, ringing, or playing at least one service it was also nice to go as a family and be able to sit together.

I'd tell you that I listened to all seven episodes of a podcast called S-Town in a day last week and ask if you've heard of it. I would say that it left me with a lot of questions and feeling really sad.

Jackson would start to get fussy so I'd pick him up and tell you that it's just about his nap time. As I cleaned him up I would tell you that getting him to sleep has been such an ordeal lately and how when I take him upstairs he decides that it's his time to start practicing gymnastics. I'd lament over how he won't let me rock or cradle him anymore and that I'm not crazy about letting him "cry it out" so I'm just not sure what to do.

Jackson's nap would be far too short and the pot of coffee would run out. I would thank you for coming, wish you a good week, and hope that you will come again.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Stream of Consciousness

I bought a new water bottle yesterday. Not because I needed one, but because it was on sale at Target and I wanted one with a flip top but no straw. Some people buy a lot of shoes, or purses, or whatever...I buy water bottles.

Why are water bottles top rack-dishwasher safe but never fit on the top shelf of the dishwasher? I have not yet found a decent water bottle that fits in the dishwasher. 

Target's dollar spot is a bummer this year. I've gotten a lot of good stuff for my classroom there the past few years but found nothing this year. The end of summer is sad, but I always love rearranging and redecorating my classroom, and it's even more exciting when I can get cute stuff for $1. I do have an order from Oriental Trading coming that's pretty exciting, though. 

I really need to downsize my wardrobe. I've been reading a lot of things about having a minimalist wardrobe and how we can get caught in these cycles of indecision leading to buying more stuff which leads to more indecision. If I only have basic things in my closet that are all able to mix and match there will be no more struggling to figure out what to wear and whether or not it goes together. Also our families seem to have 873 new outfits for Jackson every time we see them, so I may just need to surrender my dresser to baby clothes.

Jackson and Jethro are suddenly very interested in each other. Jackson is starting to grab everything in arm's reach and gets really excited whenever Jethro comes near him. Jethro, however, has learned to keep a safe distance.

There is a lot going on in our neighborhood right now. The people in the house behind us are getting a new roof. There is one guy working on it and he is out there all. the. time. Two houses down there is a new driveway being put in and there have been a ton of huge trucks taking up our street and super close to our driveway for days. Our neighbor across the street does woodworking in his garage. I don't know what he's working on right now, but it's freaking noisy. And finally someone, somewhere near by has been lighting off one, single, booming, loud firework each night for the past three nights.

Me: "I really should start eating healthier. We haven't been eating very well the last few weeks"
Also me: "I wonder if we have all of the ingredients to make cookies..."

Tonight is our school's "Back to School" orientation night, which pretty much signals the end of summer, even though I have a little over a week before school starts officially. Jackson and I might spend one of our last mornings of freedom taking a long walk. To the yarn store. And the coffee shop. If it's not too hot.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

The Week I Was On My Own

Justin just got back from England. He was gone for ten days. Ten. Long. Days. Here are some highlights of my week.

I decided that I needed to throw myself into house and school projects to keep busy so I wouldn't get bored and lonely. (Then I remembered I have a five-month old baby and there is no such thing as bored...) I cleaned out closets and dressers, put together bins of things to donate, and made a curtain for an ugly cabinet in our entryway. I didn't get a lot done at school, but did meet with a potential new family. While wearing a shirt covered in pee thanks to a leaky diaper.

I really needed some company one night so I invited some church friends over for dinner. I made a super easy chicken dish that made it look like I have my life together, and we sat around the table drinking lemonade and talking well into the night.

Justin and I were able to text, but because of the time difference there was a very small window of time that we were able to actually have a conversation. One afternoon we tried to video chat. Jackson was super grumpy so I should have known it wasn't going to go well. First my audio wasn't working. Then Justin's video went out. We ended up trying a different app and were able to talk for maybe five minutes. By the time we hung up, the baby and I were both in tears. I ended up packing Jackson up in the car and driving around so he would calm down. That ride may or may not have included a stop for ice cream once he fell asleep. I needed it, guys.

Then we had our church picnic. I played keyboard for a set with the worship band. We were on a stage in the sun from 12:00-1:30 and I forgot sunscreen. And by the time we were done playing they had put all of the food away so now my skin was on fire and I missed out on good old Lutheran potluck. I soothed my sorrows and burning skin with a bottle of aloe lotion, an episode of Scandal, and a nap when I got home.

My parents came the day before Justin came home. They woke up with Jackson and took him for a walk so I could sleep in a little bit, then we spent the day exploring some random antique shops around town. I had to pick up Justin at 1:30 in the morning so it was nice not to have to pack Jackson up and bring him along.

We survived. It wasn't that bad, and it was only ten days, but I'm really glad Justin is home. Although I am a little bit sad that I had to give up the cozy nest of pillows that I built for myself in the middle of our bed.